Brush Road

Brush Road is a private road just off California State Highway 17, located in an unicorporated part of Santa Clara county, California, near the town of Los Gatos. Named for Spencer Brush, who had an orchard here, Brush Road has been settled since 1850. There are approximately 30 parcels on Brush Road. The most famous resident (so far) is John Steinbeck (Bio, wiki), who lived here from 1938 until 1941, where he finished writing The Grapes of Wrath.

Current residents of Brush Road and Old Well Road can access a number of resources here.

Current rain fall recorded at Brush Road, compared with recent years:

Link to the Santa Clara Valley Water District's many rain guages, reservoir level and stream flow and level guages:


Be careful

Recently (November of 2013) a pair of mountain lion have been sighted near here; a link to the video is here: Lions.AVI and a composite shot of two pictures taken by the trail camera from the same place of runners during the day, and one of the lions that night gives you a sense of how wonderfully scary it is to be sharing the mountains with these creatures.

Be careful out there!

Brush Road is in the watershed of the Lexington Reservoir

A few years ago, the Water District drained the reservior to perform some repairs, exposing the remains of the town of Alma, which is usually covered up by the 19,000 acre feet the dam can hold.

Sudden Oak Death

Brush Road is in the area of California affected by Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum). We have been working with Mission College to study the spread of the disease.`


Also located on this server (nice segue, that) is the web site for, which is dedicated to all things verilog. What is Verilog, you ask?

The Los Gatos High School Robotics Team

Los Gatos High School fielded a team in 2008 and in 2006 at the First Robotics competition at San Jose State University.

Wildlife of Brush Road

I have organized some of my pictures of the native wildlife of the Brush Road area into scientific classification.

Various homemade games

Same Game, different implementation

Java Notes

Two of my sister's children's have had the same third grade teacher. This woman makes geography relevant to her students by having them pick a beanie baby to see the world. She has the students mail to exotic locales (at least as compared to their home town in Pennington, New Jersey) a Beanie Baby complete with a camera and a journal, for the Beanie Baby host family to use to document the exciting things the Beanie Baby does. We hosted Oats in 2003, and Greeney in 2007. You can see in the next two links the exciting things the Beanie Babies did while visting us. We live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

Oats the beanie baby horse visits California

Greeney the beanie baby snake visits California

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